The Benefits of Outsourced Fulfilment Services

When deciding whether to manage your own warehouse operations or invest in outsourced fulfilment services, there are a number of issues to consider and it is something which many e-commerce businesses have to think about.

It’s true that if you manage your own warehouse operations rather than using outsourced fulfilment services, there are some advantages in some circumstances. These include:

It makes you feel more in control of your own business
You can use any kind of technology/software etc. that you choose
It’s possible to set up your own systems
You can choose delivery services and other third-party suppliers
You are not reliant on anyone else to keep your service going and get your goods delivered.

The advantages of outsourced fulfilment services

However, before you make your mind up, consider the vast benefits of outsourcing your fulfilment services.

Outsourcing the services can result in significant cost savings. You will save significant money on renting/buying, running and maintaining a warehouse space, as well as the associated staff costs etc. Once you have invested money in your own warehouse space, you have much less flexibility as a business.

Working with an outsourced provider allows you to cope better with seasonality, the ebb and flow of business and any change in direction.

It’s also very important to note that order fulfilment companies can secure large discounts on freight because of the volume of goods that they handle for other companies as well as yours.

Efficient processes

Order fulfilment firms are experts in storing, picking, packing and distributing e-commerce goods as it is what they specialise in and they’re constantly developing their services. It would take time, effort and continual development to get your warehouse up to the same standard.

You’ll be given a contact at your fulfilment company and regular updates on the progress of orders etc.

A customer service centre means that staff at the fulfilment firm will be able to take orders by phone and deal with any enquiries.

Outsourced fulfilment services: What’s available?

The following services are all available and more. A good service provider will be able to create a tailored package for you.

Available services include:

Processing and printing – Including, data entry, parcel labels, letters and delivery notes
Warehousing and distribution – Including product storage, distribution handling and delivery
Call centre – Including contact centre to handle all aspects of customer care including phone orders and enquiries.

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