Hiring Centennial Marketing for Print Order Fulfillment reduces Risk and Overhead

Literature fulfillment or print fulfillment is a very important business function utilized in many business organizations. Literature fulfillment might vary from one company to another. It often involves warehousing of all necessary printed items, method of receiving orders for the items, packaging and addressing of products, mailing or shipping to the correct recipient, confirmation of order delivery, etc. Centennial Marketing Group employees take care of these services for their clients.
Any organization going for print fulfillment will be able to use it to fill customer orders for any printed matter, for promotional purposes or at least as a tool for streamlining distribution of any printed element to affiliate locations. Let us have a look at the different purposes of print order fulfillment.
Promotional Purpose: In order to distribute printed materials, a fulfillment program is needed to be chalked out. These printed matters are distributed for stimulating interest, building awareness, and encouraging inquiries. The promotional tools in the form of printed material include brochures, catalogues, sample packs, info, coupons and branded premiums. The promotional fulfillment program can be either a one time affair or an on-going process. Promotional fulfillment is often targeted at new or existing customers.
Streamlining Distribution: In some cases, different businesses use print fulfillment program for distributing different sales related matters, operational supplies to branch offices, dealers, field reps, franchisees and different other associated locations. Usually, the printed materials distributed in this manner include, order forms, price lists, displays, contracts, business stationary and other employee benefit information. Non-printed materials include tools, repair parts, different office supplies, etc. Print order fulfillment is often done in-house by different companies. But, outsourcing such services can save` time and money on the part of the business. That saved money can be utiliz4ed for the benefit of the business. Centennial marketing cmg can take care of print fulfillment programs for its clients. The process is done at a fast pace and efficiently.

Filling Customer Order: A fulfillment program is often used to fill customer order for printed matters efficiently. Selling books as primary or secondary source of income can also can also need a print fulfillment program for any order. Different other products distributed through print fulfillment procedure can include repair or training materials, educational matters, calendars, sheet music, etc. Any printed matter that can be offered to consumers becomes a part of print fulfillment program.
Outsourcing Print Fulfillment?

Yes, why not? The three major reasons of selecting the outsourcing process are, reducing risk, aggravation and overhead.

Reduction of Overhead: There is no upfront investment of capital for outsourcing print fulfillment. A warehouse is not required to be purchased for packing, storing or shipping goods. No outlay for utilities, employees, security, insurance, software, forklifts or equipments, maintenance is needed to run an extra warehouse.
Reduction of Risk:  This is like leasing a warehouse for storing facility. No matter if, the products are moved off the shelves or not, a large part of the capital is obligated for the purpose. This increases the risk of bulk investment. Centennial Marketing Group can reduce the risk of such a huge investment on the part of the client.

 Centennial Marketing Group takes care of effective print order fulfillment that both, money and time is saved on the part of a client.

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