Freight Forwarding and the Environment

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Over current years the demand for road, rail and air freight forwarding has been steadily increasing. According to studies, this demand is probably to continue to grow more than the coming decades.
The trouble is that transporting cargo by land, sea and air has environmental repercussions which need to be addressed in the context of growing issues about worldwide warming.

Certainly analysis suggests that freight forwarding is a major supply of NOx emissions. In the United States for example, it accounts for around 27% of the country’s total NOx emissions. Though certain forms of freight transportation seem to be much more damaging to the atmosphere, none are without having problems.

So provided the importance of freight forwarding and the way in which the economy relies on it, combined with its environmental expense, what can be done?

Even though there is no way to make transportation totally ‘green’ there are some things which can be done to make it cleaner.

Improving logistics for example, assists to improve the productivity of freight forwarding. It also final results in lower fuel consumption and consequently decrease emissions. 1 way to attain this is to cut down on duplicated routes and empty mileage.

An additional option is to use unleaded petrol as opposed to relying on diesel engines. This is both much better for the atmosphere and also cheaper. As a result it makes very good enterprise and environmental sense.

Increasing the volume of goods that you load onto a car is yet another possibility. Carrying out so will decrease the quantity of journeys that you have to make. In the case of road freight, it also cuts down on the number of lorries on the road. Since congestion is a major supply of pollution, efficient use of automobiles is a great way for the freight market to help improve air top quality.

These recommendations are by no implies a ‘cure all’ but they do provide a win-win solution for enterprise and the atmosphere by each decreasing pollution and increasing profitability.

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