Can a Virtual Office Help Me?

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by Julian Partridge

In today’s company atmosphere, you no longer need to have to lay out thousands in unnecessary start off-up capital to rent a classic office. A staffed physical virtual workplace may possibly be just the remedy for you!

Ask yourself this:  Do you aspire to have a organization presence in prestigious area? Maybe you’re an accountant or an artist, a writer, lawyer, architect or engineer. It doesn’t really matter what you do, absolutely everyone knows that a Manhattan business address in a professional workplace developing conveys an image of respect, an image of success! You can be running your company from anyplace: Miami, Mumbai, Marrakesh or Manchester – does not matter, since with a virtual workplace service you don’t necessarily require to be physically situated in Manhattan to have a New York City office.

Our virtual office service provides you a physical office address to show on your web site, business cards – use it as you would use any address. You can acquire orders, documents, mail, client correspondence, payments, and any documents requiring a signature at our office. We can then forward your mail onto wherever you are in the world!

Asking yourself how a virtual office can function for your company? Here’s an actual example of a virtual workplace case study VH International Enterprise Options did on artist representatives Kris and Erica from Los Angeles, California – 2458 miles from their New York virtual office. The solutions they utilized from VH International Business Options have been a New York virtual office organization address and 212 Manhattan phone quantity with call forwarding.

Kris and Erica are business partners that handle and represent renowned makeup artists and photographers. They each live with their respective families and commute to their brick and mortar workplace in Los Angeles each day.

They wanted to develop the photographic representation element of their company, but weren’t able to attract a lot more photographers and or magazine editor consideration in New York. All the magazine businesses were situated right here, in NYC, and most of these wanted to see the Photographer portfolios right away. It was costly to overnight massive and heavy portfolios back and forth from Los Angeles to New York. They required a price successful alternative to preserve fees down and income up although living three,000 miles from their target audience.

They contacted VH International Enterprise Solutions, Inc for assistance.

Their price range was little and they wanted to start off small to test the industry. Their 1st acquire was a 212 Manhattan voice mail to e mail telephone number. At only $ 10 per month, the cost wasn’t a deterrent issue. Incoming messages have been sent through email as a .wav file simultaneously to Kris and Erica. They added the telephone quantity to their site, got new company cards and had been ready to hit the New York market place.

Good news: It worked! They have been attracting new customers to represent and starting relationships with Manhattan publishing firms.

3 months later they contacted VH International Business Options once again with the possibility of upgrading their phone number to much better cater to their new needs. They wanted to answer their calls personally. Given that they had been all setup with an assistant and an intern in their Los Angeles workplace, they had more than adequate men and women to answer each their LA and NY calls. They even regarded as the time zone, and produced a rotating schedule of who would be in the LA office at five:30 am to begin answering any New York phone calls in the course of Eastern Time. We said “certain, no dilemma” and upgraded their telephone for only $ five per month and they started to get their 212 Manhattan telephone calls directly in Los Angeles.

Wonderful news: This worked even better! Even though they were truly answering their calls from Los Angeles, it was as if they had been just across town from their callers in New York.

The enormous influx of new consumers triggered them a new enterprise dilemma. Editors wanted to see the photographers portfolios right away. The quickest Kris and Erica could get the portfolios to New York was through overnight courier. As noted earlier, they were spending a little fortune in courier expenses to overnight large and heavy portfolios. None of the portfolios would match in courier boxes, so they have been just shipping the portfolios, sans packaging, with just a courier label attached to the actual portfolio deal with it was costly and damaging! It was time… they now required a physical presence in New York.

Once once more, Kris and Erica contacted VH International Organization Options for assistance. They opened their New York real / virtual workplace in just hours. A handful of weeks later, Erica flew out to New York with 15 portfolios which would be primarily based in New York along with a stash of promo cards and company cards and explained how they required their New York presence to operate.

Initially they would send an email to our Consumer Service department with an address where every single portfolio ought to be sent to. We would forward the portfolios through messenger to every respective magazine editors’ office. When the magazine offices were done with the portfolios, Erica would then get in touch with them and inform them exactly where they should go subsequent. We’d only see the portfolios back at the office if they necessary restocking of business / promo cards or if the photographer was in town and necessary one particular of their portfolios to meet with a potential client in our meeting area facilities.

Kris and Erica continued functioning from Los Angeles for the subsequent couple of years. Erica’s trips to NYC became much more and more frequent she was swiftly racking up those frequent flier miles! Nevertheless, taking many cross country trips every month was exhausting Erica – they decided, someone would need to relocate to New York. Erica took the plunge and, along with her husband, relocated to New York. Fortunately it worked out properly, her husband is an artist and has his work frequently exhibited in New York galleries, numerous proper close to the office in Chelsea. It was a no brainer: Erica and family’s move to New York was a success.

Erica kept her days busy in Manhattan lunching with prospective customers. She worked largely from property, and would come into the office occasionally for a rapid meeting. Any mail that came in for Kris and Erica was now forwarded to Erica’s NYC home.

They toyed with the notion of opening their own office in NYC, but decided it was unnecessary. By getting a virtual office serviced by VH International Enterprise Options, they have been saving on the exorbitant costs associated with opening their own brick and mortar workplace: rent, payroll, insurance, utilities just to name a few, in Manhattan, is a pricey venture. Our virtual office service, like a physical business workplace address with meeting facilities, was specifically what they needed at an unbeatable price.

Years later, Kris and Erica’s organization is nonetheless successful. Erica and household are still in New York. We are proud to still contact them our clientele.

Kris and Erica’s story is just 1 instance of how a virtual workplace can operate for a distant small enterprise. How can VH International Organization Solutions help you?

VH International Organization Solutions, Inc. Because 1990. Offering unbeatable service to folks, tiny and mid sized neighborhood firms as nicely as larger domestic and international firms looking for to establish a presence in the U.S., and specifically in the New York market place. As the pioneer of providing Virtual Workplace solutions on the internet in New York City, we are the leader and have the most expertise of working with regional and international businesses when getting into the New York marketplace. Although others emphasize solutions, we emphasize service. Manhattan Virtual Office How can VH International Enterprise Solutions assist you? Tel: 1.212.627.8900 Fax: 1.646.861.6610 Because 1990.

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